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High torque, lots of power and optimum fuel efficiency are all built into the powerful and efficient Kubota 15.7 PS diesel engine.
● The water-cooled diesel engine delivers high torque, up to 15.7 PS at 2550 rpm, and optimum fuel efficiency.
● Designed for cleaner emissions and quieter operation for a lower impact on the environment.
● A large opening bonnet gives good access to the main areas for daily maintenance: fuel tank, air filter, engine oil level, reserve tank and battery isolator switch.


A two-speed hydraulic transmission and auto-shift ensure maximum traction .
● The KC110HR-4 is equipped with a hydraulic transmission, complete with an Autoshift system that automatically selects the speed best suited for the terrain and can easily shift from High speed (up to 58 km/hr) for flat surfaces, to Low speed (up to 2.6 km/hr) for rougher terrain. This helps to make working more efficient and productive, reducing both maintenance and fuel consumption.


Dump straight ahead or sideways. A hydraulic swivel motor, mounted on a slew ring, rotates the skip through 180°.
● An overall width of 990mm enables the KC110HR-4 to be driven through narrow spaces.
● Dumping can be either forward-facing or sideways, with the skip capable of rotating throught 180°.


Maximum loading capacity is 1000kg with a heaped volume of 0.52 m3.
● The skip’s dumping angle of 90° ensures that all materials can be easily dumped.
● The maximum loading capacity is 1000kg with a heaped volume of 0.52m3.
● The crawler type transmission ensures good traction in all conditions while the ground pressure is minimal.
● The KC110-4 can easily avoid obstacles with a rear angle of gradeability of 28° and a ground clearance of 184.5mm.


The operational levers are easy to reach and operate. A grab handle bar secures the operator during operation.
● All levers and controls are easy to reach and operate. A grab handle bar secures the operator during operation.
● The KC110HR-4 features a foldable footplate. When the plate is down, the operator can safely stand on it to operate the machine. When the plate is folded up, the overall length is reduced by 250mm in order to gain space for easy transport or storage.
● The rubber crawler is tensioned by a grease cylinder. This feature allows cushioning when foreign materials are going into the crawler. In addition, the short pitch track delivers a smooth drive ensuring higher levels of comfort for the operator.


A fold-down plate provides a robust, safe working platform for the operator, with all controls within safe and easy reach.
● The robust footplate provides a secure, easy-access platform for the operator. A grab handle, providing a solid grip point, is positioned in front of the easy-to-use controls.

Machine Weight (kg)
970 - HR / 940 - SL kg
Power (kW/PS)
11.8/15.7 kW/PS
Max Speed (km/h) low/high
2.6/5 km/h
Max Load (kg)
1000 kg
Dump Height (mm)
496 mm
Heaped Volume m3
0.52 m3
Level Volume m3
0.44 m3
Overall width (mm)
890 mm
Overall height (mm)
605 mm

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